About the Company

Here, at ProCentis shpk, we wish to help resolving technology challenges through IT solutions tailored to your business needs. Our portfolio is reach with a variety of harware and software solutions customised to your organisation


Build best SW product to facilitate business operation and performance and consider their environment


Offer SW solution to every business that want to innovate

Why Choose Us?

We do not only want to sell. We want to help you decide on the best solutions that fulfill your needs. our aim is to become good partners with our client and maintain the relationship for collaborating in the future.

At proCentIS shpk , being proffesional is the ultimate feature we have. Our team enriched with valuable experience is always fighting to maintain the level of profesionalism at working

Always striving to learn, adapt and offer to our customers the latest and innovative technology, in every industry.

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ProCentIS shpk
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Tirana, Albania
P: +00 (355) 67 20 12 121
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